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  • Cast-Nylon

    Cast Nylon provides excellent sliding properties and impact resistance and is commonly used in applications requiring larger parts. This product is manufactured by directly casting the raw materials into a mold to produce sheets, rods, tubes and near-net shapes. Cast Nylon is off-white in color and is commonly used in food processing applications.

    Product Features:

    • Excellent sliding properties
    • Continuous use temperature of 200° F
    • Extremely high abrasion resistance
    • High moisture absorption of up to 3%
    • High mechanical and impact strength
    • Highly resistant to hydrocarbons, alkalis and oils
    • Excellent machinability
    • Natural is FDA compliant
    Brands include: Quadrant, Roechling (Sustamid), Plastifab and ZL Plastics

  • Extruded-Nylon

    Nylon 66 is an extruded general purpose nylon (Polyamide 66). Nylon is one of the original engineering plastics and is still today the material of choice for many bearing and wear applications. Due to its unique combination of physical properties such as toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and light weight, Nylon 66 is regularly machined into parts to replace bronze, brass, steel and aluminum.

    Product Features:

    • Good abrasion and wear resistance
    • Continuous use temperature of 220°F
    • Very easy to fabricate
    • Outstanding chemical resistance to alkalies and oxidizing agents
    • High strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures
    • Light weight (approx. 1/8 vs. bronze)
    • Good impact strength at low temperature
    • Natural is FDA and USDA